Marinated Herring Inspired by Dreamlight Valley

Marinated Herring Inspired by Dreamlight Valley
Marinated Herring Inspired by Dreamlight Valley

Marinated herring is very simple, very tasty, very easy for cooking! Playing Dreamlight Valley made me want to try it. It is extremely quick and easy to make at home. You can prepare it in advance to serve it as an appetizer or use it in salads. 

Cooking Equipment

  • A plate in which the pickled herring will be prepared.
  • Cutting board
  •  knife
  • Serving dish
  • Bowl for pickling onions in vinegar

Nutrition Facts for 100 g.

Prep Time5
Cooking Time10 min.
Calories75 csal.
Protein7 g.
Fat4 g.
Carbohydrates2 g.

Ingredients for Marinated Herring

  • Herring 400 gr
  • Vinegar (9%) 100 ml
  • Water 300 ml
  • Onion 2
  • Spice: salt, bay leaf, allspice, clove
  • Tomato for garninshing
Marinated herring ingredients

How to Make Marinated Herring

Step 1. Do you want to learn how to prepare marinated herring with onions and vinegar? You need to prepare the following ingredients. Take a ready salted herring, cut off its head and remove the insides. Now cut the herring lengthwise in half, remove the backbone, large bones and remove the skin. The amount of onion can be changed a little to adjust to your taste. But remember to add enough, as the pickled onions will be an important ingredient.

Step 2. Cut the cleaned herring fillet into portioned pieces. At the same time, do not make too large pieces, it is important that they have a size of 3-5 cm. Place the sliced herring in a bowl in which you will marinate the fish. It is preferable to use glassware as it is easier to clean. Plastic dishes can retain the odor of onions and fish for a long time.

Step 3. For the marinade it is recommended to use vinegar with a concentration of 9%. Mix the vinegar with water in a ratio of 1:3. It is not recommended to replace vinegar with essence, but if you want to add a specific flavor, you can use grape or apple cider vinegar.

Step 4. Peel the onions and rinse them in cold running water. Slice the peeled onion into half rings and crush it a little with your hands. This is necessary for the onion to become softer and release its juice faster.

Step 5. Mix the onions with the herring and pour a mixture of water and vinegar over them. Add a few peas of pepper and a bay leaf for flavor. Place the herring in the refrigerator to marinate for 5-6 hours.

Step 6. Remove flavorful marinated herring out of the marinade on a platter and serve. If desired, you can sprinkle a little olive oil. Bon Appetite!

Marinated Herring Inspired by Dreamlight Valley

Small Recommndations

To avoid eye irritation when slicing onions, rinse the bulb and knife with cold water. If you want to prevent the cutting board from absorbing the unpleasant onion odor, rub it with a slice of lemon before slicing.

For best results I recommend using neutral-tasting filtered or bottled water. If you use tap water, be aware that it may impart an undesirable flavor to the dish.

Food Paring

Marinated herring is a bright addition to mashed and roasted potatoes. It’s delicious and hearty, and the ingredients go together wonderfully. It is herring with potatoes is the natural combination for a German or a Dutchman, the degree of saltiness varies. In the case of the Dutch, it can be so strong that it seems as if the fish has turned into pure vinegar. And it is neutralized by potatoes. In general, herring is quite a universal product.

Snap.Cook. Share

Everyone has their own tastes, but I think the menu doesn’t have to be boring. Keep in mind this simple recipe and try Dreamlight Valley. So, how do you marinate herring?