Fried Crab Sticks Stuffed with Cheese

Fried Crab Sticks Stuffed with Cheese

Fried crab sticks stuffed with cheese is an easy recipe. You will not pay much time for cooking but you will like the result. The only difficult thing to do is to unwrap crab sticks for cheese stuffing. You have to do it with a surgent accuracy. So let’s go to the kitchen and start cooking. Nutrition Facts for 100 g. Prep Time 5 Cooking Time 15 Servings 3 Calories […]

Lazy Achma

Lazy Achma

Achma recipe belongs to is a Georgian national cuisine.  Classic achma is a recipe for a Georgian cheese pie made of a large number of layers of dough, which is slightly boiled. As a filling for achma you can use suluguni, Ossetian cheese or their mixture. I made a simple analog of this dish, its lazy version.  I had a decent amount of goat cheese, which is used here. If […]


Grilled Lavash Wrap with Pork Patty and Tomato

 Sometimes in the fridge you can find a small number of vegetables and meal cooking previously.  I have one grilled pork patty with garlic and coriander. So I decided to make fridge inventory to see what I have. I come to my mind the grilled lavash wrap with pork patty and tomato. Nutritios Facts for 100 g. Prep Time 5 min. Cooking Time 8 min. Servings 1 Calories 93 csal. […]

Pottage Recipe Inspired by Dreamlight Valley

Pottage Recipe Inspired by Dreamlight Valley

Dreamlight Valley has become a extremely popular game. It features many recipes, most of which are real dishes. So, what about a pottage recipe inspired by this game? Before I start cooking, I decided to find out how it would be best to prepare it: in a pot or a saucepan. The term “pottage” comes from Middle English “potage,” which originated from Anglo-French “pot.” Pottage was a common food for […]

Disney Dreamlight Valley Porridge: Barley Porridge Recipe
Game and film recipes

Disney Dreamlight Valley Porridge (Barley Porridge Recipe)

Browsing through Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes, I found a porridge that’s very similar to barley porridge, but I wanted something heartier and more substantial, so I prepared it with chicken breast and mushrooms. This barley porridge recipe is made without milk. It’s so filling that it can stand on its own as a main dish. Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need Before you start cooking Disney Dreamlight Valley Porridge, ensure you have […]

Minced chicken with rice and cabbage
Side dish

Minced Chicken with Rice and Cabbage: Easy Recipe for Everyday

Minced chicken with rice and cabbage is a recipe that is very simple to prepare. It takes a moderate amount of time but doesn’t require extensive cooking skills. The combination of tomatoes and sour cream adds creaminess and a bright flavor to the dish. It’s a favorite in my family. Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need: Nutrition Facts for 100 g. Prep Time 15 Cooking Time 1 hr. 40 min Servings 6 […]

Avocado and Cheese Canapes A Deliciously Creamy Delight

Avocado and Cheese Canapes: A Deliciously Creamy Delight

Hello wonderful reader! Let’s cook together delectable avocado and cheese canapes.  I hope this recipe will be perfect for everyone. You can cook it for kids or as a quick lunch for yourself.  Besides these canapes are vegetarian-friendly and suits for a variety of dietary preferences. Avocados contain healthy fats, fiber, and an array of essential nutrients, making these canapes not only delicious but also nutritious. Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need […]

Homemade Pancakes wIth Beef Liver

Homemade Pancakes with Beef Liver

Hello there, wonderful reader. I would like to offer you delicious homemade pancakes with beef liver. In general, the filling for pancakes can be different. Liver can be replaced by minced meat and mushrooms. For sweet-toothed people pancakes with cottage cheese and raisins will be a great option. The recipe can be adjusted to almost everything that is in the refrigerator. Kitchen Equipment Needed Before we dive into the recipe, […]

Add chopped parsley and dill to the chicken breasts.

Chicken Breasts with Honey and Sesame Seeds

Here is a recipe for chicken breasts with honey. The recipe will require a little bit of your patience, good mood and your own witchcraft over culinary spices. The dish is suitable for keto diet, so honey is added here in a small amount, but gives a nice flavor and tenderness to the meat. Equipment You’ll Need Ingredients Nutrition Facts for 100 g. Prep Time 1 hr. Cooking Time 30 […]

Lavash Achma with Kefir Cottage Cheese Filling Heavenly Georgian Delight

Lavash Achma with Kefir Cottage Cheese Filling: Heavenly Georgian Delight

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting traditional Georgian cuisine, you’ll know it’s a world of flavors and textures that leave an indelible mark on your palate. One such culinary gem is lavash achma with kefir cottage cheese filling. While achma traditionally involves flaky pastry and briney cheeses, this simpler version featuring lavash and kefir, goat cottage cheese is a delightful twist you can easily recreate in your own […]