Sorcery in a Saucepan: How Long to Cook Frozen Russian Pelmeny?

How Long to Cook Frozen Russian Pelmeny?
How Long to Cook Frozen Russian Pelmeny?

Deep within the mystic corridors of a kitchen, even when beset by a sore back that might’ve been a witch’s hex, sustenance must prevail! When the need for nourishment clashes with physical limitations, behold the tale of frozen pelmeny—the magical semi-finished creation that beckons aid in the form of a boiling cauldron of water.

Nutrition Facts for 100 g.

Prep Time5 min.
Cooking Time20 min.
Calories300 csal.
Protein15 g.
Fat15 g.
Carbohydrates30 g.


  • 600g Frozen Pelmeny
  • 1 Small Onion
  • Any Spices
  • 20g Butter (for serving)
  • Salt and Fresh Black Pepper (to taste)
Ingredients for cooking frozen pelmeny

Cooking Equipment

  • Saucepan
  • Slotted Spoon
  • Tablespoon (for stirring)
  • Plates (for serving the dish)

How to Cook Frozen Russian Pelmeny

This enchanting culinary affair, though seemingly daunting, unfolds with ease over a span of 20 minutes, divided into two bewitching acts.

Act I: The Water’s Boiling Dance

Fill a grand pot two-thirds full with water, cover it, and unleash the fiery might to bring it to a roaring boil over high heat.

Sprinkle in salt, a mystical bay leaf, whole black peppercorns, and a small onion (sliced or whole), adding favored spices to the potion, if desired. Here I should mention that I added only salt, spices for meat and small onion. I had no opportunity to buy all ingredients.

Act II: The Pelmeny Enchantment

Once the watery cauldron rumbles and roils, tenderly submerge enough frozen pelmeny into the bubbling elixir, ensuring they find comfort in a single layer within the pot. Stir this concoction and bring the water to a renewed boil.

As they emerge from the depths and gallantly float upon the surface, temper the flames and stir once more.

The eternal query arises: “How long to cook frozen Russian pelmeny?” A sage response echoes: boil for 5-7 minutes after their valiant ascent!

Grand Finale: The Plate’s Embrace

With a slotted spoon, pluck the victorious pelmeny from their aquatic journey onto a waiting plate. Anoint them with butter and serve.

To further enchant their flavor, bedeck them with sour cream, vinegar, mayonnaise, ketchup, or a favored sauce, bedecked with finely chopped herbs and garlic. I served with a small piece of butter and ground black pepper.

In this culinary odyssey, the mystique of frozen pelmeny meets the cauldron’s embrace, yielding a feast fit for a wizard’s delight. A meal to savor, crafted from the simplest of ingredients, beckons you to partake and relish in its enchanting flavors.

How Long to Cook Frozen Russian Pelmeny?

Food and Drink Paring

I consider this recipe as main dish. Side dishes are not nessessary. But I would offer the following drinks for this recipe:

Herbal Infused Tea: Envision a cup of fragrant herbal tea, its soothing warmth providing a comforting accompaniment to the hearty pelmeny, perfect for sipping alongside.

Tomato juice: I prefer it here as a part of Bloody Mary Embrace the crispness of a tomato juice, its bright taste cutting through the flavors, elevating the meal with its refreshing notes

Snap. Cook. Share

Would you, in the spirit of camaraderie and shared delight, consider imparting this culinary knowledge to those seeking a swift and magical meal? Let this recipe journey forth, a parchment of simplicity and ease, weaving its way through kitchens, reaching those craving a swift yet satisfying feast.

Share the wisdom of “How Long to Cook Frozen Russian Pelmeny,” a narrative of boiling waters and floating delicacies—every step an incantation, culminating in a 5-7 minute transformation from frozen to flavorful.

May this recipe, a testament to simplicity and sustenance, spark joy and alleviate hunger, transcending kitchens and homes with its magical simplicity.