Light pineapple salad

The chicken fillet included in this salad recipe can be cooked in water or baked. It all depends on your preferences. In any case, the chicken will be dietary. Greek yogurt with a drop of mustard will be dressing sauce.


  • Chicken fillet — 300 g .
  • Peking cabbage — 200 g .
  • Pineapples — 50 g .
  • Tomatoes — 2 small pcs.
  • Orange — 1⁄2 pcs;
  • Mustard — 1⁄2-1 tsp.
  • Greek yogurt — for refueling;
  • Salt and ground black pepper – to taste

How to make a light pineapple salad with chicken fillet:

1. Cook the meat (cooking period is about 30 in a boiled water or bake it for 50 minutes). When the meat cools to room temperature, cut it into small dices.

2. Cut the Peking cabbage into pieces of any size and lightly press with your hands. Wash and cut tomatoes. Add salt and ground black pepper.

3. Cut the fruits into small cubes.

4. Mix all the ingredients in a salad bowl and add yogurt and mustard.

 Enjoy the salad with pineapple!