Valheim Queens jam recipe

Valheim Queens jam recipe
Valheim Queens jam recipe

For Valheim Queens jam recipe it is nessary to find juicy barries. In this case you will have delicious jam for your tea in winter.

Berries for jam
Berries for jam


  • raspberries – 1 kilo
  • blueberries – 1 kilo
  • sugar – 2 kilos

How to cook Valheim Queens jam (recipe steps)

Valheim Queens jam
  • Rinse the berries.
  • Cover the berries with sugar, stir and leave at room temperature overnight (about 10 hours).
  • Turn on a small fire and cook the future jam after boiling it for about 30 minutes. Periodically remove the foam. Constantly stir; otherwise, it will stick to the saucepan.
  • If the foam still stands out, cool the jam and repeat the cooking process simultaneously.
  • Sterilize the jars in advance. Pour the hot jam into them and close them with sterilized lids.
Valheim Queens jam calories

Enjoy your meal!

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