Chicken Hearts in Pots with Vegetables and Sour Cream: A Low-Fat Recipe for Dinner

Chicken Hearts in Pots
Chicken Hearts in Pots

Do you want to cook a dish that is not only delicious, aromatic, and satisfying but also looks appetizing, the kind that catches your eye? If yes, then you are in the right place. Today, we are going to prepare chicken hearts in pots with vegetables and sour cream. This dish not only combines flavors and aromas, where the vegetables and spices complement the taste of the hearts, but it also consists of healthy ingredients like green beans, broccoli, orange carrots, and onions.

Chicken Hearts in Pots Ingredients


  • Chicken Hearts – 600 g
  • Carrots – 200 g
  • Onion – 100 g
  • Green beans – 200 g
  • Sour Cream – 150 g
  • Broccoli – 150 g
  • String beans – 400 g
  • Salt and pepper – to taste
  • Dried spices to taste: parsley, paprika, leek, red paprika, basil, and carrots
Chicken Hearts in Pots with Vegetables and Sour Cream Calories
Chicken Hearts in Pots with Vegetables and Sour Cream Calories

How to take Chicken Hearts in Pots with Vegetables and Sour Cream

By following these steps, you will have a tasty and nutritious meal to share with your loved ones.

Step 1. Clean the chicken hearts by washing them thoroughly with running water, removing any clots of blood. You can add salt and your preferred spices such as parsley, paprika, leek, red paprika, basil, and carrots, to season the hearts. Put the hearts at the bottom of each pot depending on the size of your pot and the amount you want to serve.

Chicken Hearts  in Pots

Step 2. Prepare the vegetables by washing and chopping them. Cut the onions into thin slices, dice the carrots into small pieces into medium pieces.

Step 3. Heat a small amount of vegetable oil in a skillet and sauté the vegetables until they are slightly cooked. Season them with salt and pepper to taste.

fried onion and carrot

Step 4. Add the green beans, broccoli, and string beans in pots.

green beans broccoli and string beans in pots

Step 4. Once the vegetables are cooked, distribute them evenly in the pots, over the chicken hearts. Pour some sour cream over the vegetables and hearts, and add a little bit of water (about a quarter cup) to each pot.

green beans broccoli, sour cream and string beans in pots

Step 5. Cover the pots and bake them in the oven for about 40-45 minutes at 180°C (350°F).  Leave the pots in the oven for 10 minutes more.

Chicken Hearts in Pots

It is recommended to cook chicken hearts in pots individually, which can be served hot as a main course or even on a festive table. However, if you want to simplify the process, you can bake all the ingredients in one ovenproof dish. In that case, it will be more like a meat and vegetable ragout and can become the star of your family lunch or dinner. You can make fried chicken hearts in cream sauce if you do not have pots for oven.

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