Daikon and Seaweed Salad

Daikon and Seaweed Salad
Daikon and Seaweed Salad

Have you ever searched for a quick and easy recipe. Try this daikon and seaweed salad. You will find 10 minutes for cooking. It will be a nice refreshing and juicy salad recipe.  

The caloric content of seaweed salad can vary based on ingredients and serving size. On average, a standard serving of seaweed salad, approximately 100 grams, contains approximately 30-50 calories. This makes it a low-calorie meal, making it suitable for those seeking to manage their weight or enjoy a light and healthy meal. The recipe can be included int healthy menu for for low-fat or even keto diet.

Seaweed salad is also rich in essential nutrients. It is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamins A, C, and K, as well as minerals such as calcium, iron, and iodine.  So how many seaweed salad calories you can indicate in this recipe?

Seaweed Salad Nutrition for 100 g.

Prep Time5 min.
Cooking Time10 min.
Calories35 csal.
Protein1 g.
Fat2 g.
Carbohydrates2 g.

Cooking Equipment

  • Grater for daikon and carrot
  • Bowl for the ready sald
  • Spoon to mix all the ingredients together


  • Seaweed 300 g.
  • Daikon  200 g.
  • Carrot 80 g.
  • White sesame seeds 30 g.
Daikon and Seaweed Salad Ingredients

How to Make Daikon and Seaweed Salad

Step 1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the seaweed, grated daikon, and carrot.

Step 2. Add the sesame seeds to the bowl.

Step 3. Toss everything together to combine the flavors and textures.

Step 4. Allow the salad to sit for about 15-20 minutes to let the flavors meld together.

Step 5. Serve your daikon and seaweed salad as a light and healthy side dish,. Enjoy your refreshing and nutritious daikon and seaweed salad, made from the ingredients in your fridge!

Daikon and Seaweed Salad

Food And Drink Paring

Daikon and seaweed salad is a light meal. You can serve it as a side dish to meat (any pork, chicken or beef) or rice and mashed potato. A glass of white dry wine or ice tea also a nice pair to the salad.

Snap. Cook. Share

Do not stick in past cooking experience, try new recipes. Share them with other food enthusiasts. Good atmosphere is a part of successful results, so make everything with love and joy!

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