Turkey breast chops pan-fried

Turkey breast chops pan fried
Turkey breast chops pan fried

Cooking turkey breast chops pan-fried is very simple. For the whole cooking process you will need a minimum of ingredients. These breast chops combine a fragrant breading of spices and a super-crispy crust. 


  • Turkey fillet — 500 g.
  • Hard cheese — 40 g.
  • Eggs — 2pcs.
  • Salt and black ground pepper – to taste
  • Vegetable oil — for frying
  • Flour — 3 tbs. for breading

How to make turkey breast chops pan-fried

  1. Сut turkey breasts into slices 7-8 mm
  2. Beat off the meat with a kitchen hammer. Then add pepper and salt.
  3. Pour flour into a plate and roll the chops in it.
  4. In a bowl crack the eggs, and add grated hard cheese. After the flour dip the chop into the egg cheese batter.
  5. In a frying pan heat the oil and put the chops.
  6. When one side is toasted, the chops must be turned over and fried on the other.
  7. Serve turkey breast chops with fresh vegetables to any side dish.
Pan-fried turkey breast chops calories

Enjoy your meal!

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