Fresh orange salad

Fresh orange salad
Fresh orange salad

Fresh orange salad can be cooked when you need to have some calories in the morning but you do not want to eat. Maybe you went to sleep late at night and the organism does not wake up enough. You can vary your breakfast with a light and easy recipe.

For fruit salads, you need to choose only high-quality fruits. Overripe fruits will turn the salad into porridge, and rumpled and darkened, not fresh enough will spoil the appearance. But not all beautiful glossy fruits need to be used for a salad. Before cooking, try the fruit. It should not be tasteless because this will be the taste of your meal.


  • Orange — 1 pc.
  • Mandarin orange — 2 pcs.
  • Kivi — 1 pc.
  • Banana —1 pc.
  • Light yougurt  — 3 tbs.
Fresh orange salad calories
Fresh orange salad calories

How to cook fresh orange salad

Step 1. Prepare the fruits. Dice citrus.

citrus diced fruits

Step 2. Cut in cubes banana and kivi.

fruit salad ingredients

Step 3. Whisk yogurt. You may substitute it with sour cream whisked with powdered sugar.


Step 4. Pour the dressing to the fruits.

dressing to the fruit salad

Step 5. Place it in a glass or bowl. Garnish with mandarin wedges.

Fresh orange salad

I also have a mulled wine with this salad. So, it can be a lovely desert for two in the evening.

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