Chaga mushroom tea

chaga mushroom tea
chaga mushroom tea

When Enid with her boyfriend Gorgon was a volunteer at the antique store, the owner of this store offered them chaga mushroom tea. The young people remained more scared than happy about such a treat. This moment was very funny in the series “Wednesday” and I decided to learn more about this tea.

So chaga is…

Chaga is a black or brown fungus, a parasite on the bark of trees. You can see it on maple, alder, and mountain ash, but only birch chaga has healthy benefits. You can make exciting tea from the mushroom, and the taste of tea wiil be very delicate with a woody fragrance. A special place is given to chaga in Japanese and Chinese medicine, so the Chinese believe this mushroom can prolong life.

Harvesting chaga mushrooms

Since other mushrooms can grow on the tree, which can be poisonous, it is better not to gather chaga yourself but to buy it, for example, at a chemist’s shop. But if you decide to pick chaga yourself, then start doing it in late autumn or early winter. It is considered at this time that the most significant amount of useful substances is concentrated in the mushroom. Chaga fungus are cut down from growing or felled trees during logging. It is not good to cut fungi from withered trees, as well as from the lower part of the trunks, so it will be poor in useful components. For medicinal purposes chaga is used both raw and dried.

The top layer with cracks and wood bark particles is removed and thrown out. You need only the light brown inner layer. The middle part is suitable for tea. It is chopped into pieces no more than 10 cm. and dried in ovens at a temperature no higher than 60 ° C (140 °F). The received product is stored in dry bags or boxes for no more than 2 years.

Chaga tea classic recipe

 Put the crushed mushroom in a teapot in the following proportions: one part of the mushroom, five parts of water. Next step, close the lid and leave for 1-2 hours, filter the tea through a tea strainer. Remember that you can store such a Chaga mushroom tea for up to a day.

Chaga herbal tea recipe

The most common are two types of such tea: with thyme and ginger root. Thyme tea is indispensable for viral diseases; ginger tea helps with chronic fatigue. To do this, you must put pieces of chaga and ginger (or thyme) in the teapot. The water temperature should be about 90 ° C (194 °F). Infuse chaga tea for 10 minutes, and the tea is ready.

Mongolian chaga tea recipe

To get this drink mix the following ingredients: about 30 grams of mushroom, 10 grams of dried irgi and hawthorn berries. Pour hot water 90 ° C (194 °F), and infuse 5-10 hours. Enjoy your tea.

Chaga tea health benefits

Chaga contains vitamins and compounds essential for the human body, such as flavonoids, copper, calcium, manganese, zinc, iron and enzymes. However, it is important to understand that any infusions, even those that are not medicinal, cannot be taken as you want. It is important to identify contraindications and doctor’s recommendations for chaga mushroom elixir.

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