Leftover turkey salad with grapes


  • Baked turkey breast — 400 g.
  • Celery — 2 stalks
  • Seedless grapes — 1 big bunch
  • Peeled almonds — 100 g.
  • Green shallots — 1 pc.
  • Natural yogurt — 150 g.
  • Honey — 1/2 tbs.
  • Olive oil — 1 tbs.
  • Salt to taste

How to cook leftover turkey salad with grapes

  1. Cut the turkey breast into small cubes. Cut celery into thin slices and grapes into circles (if the grapes are small, cut them in half). Mix turkey, celery and grapes.
  2. For dressing chop the almonds very finely with a knife or use a blender. Also, finely chop the shallots. Mix the almonds and shallots with the rest of the ingredients.
  3. Season the turkey salad with grapes, cover  with a lid and place in the fridge for 1-2 hours. Serve cold.
Leftover turkey salad with grapes calories