Traditional Scottish Haggis Recipe

Traditional Scottish Haggis Recipe
Traditional Scottish Haggis Recipe

In Baldur’s Gate 3, there is a recipe that the hero receives at the beginning of the journey. It’s called haggis. The dish itself is a traditional Scottish meal, although my grandmother used to make a similar one from pigs’ stomachs. The recipe is delicious and hearty. Traditional Scottish haggis takes time to cook but it is worth cooking.

Baldur's Gate 3 Haggis

Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need

  • Sturdy pot for boiling
  • Oven for crisping
  • Sewing needle and thread for closing the stomach
  • Chopping board and sharp knife
  • Sauté pan for browning offal

Nutrition Fact for 100 g.

Prep Time8 hr.
Cooking Time4 hr.
Calories260 csal.
Protein7 g.
Fat19 g.
Carbohydrates15 g.


  • 1 sheep’s stomach
  • 800g sheep’s heart
  • 200g sheep’s liver
  • 200g sheep’s lights (lungs)
  • 200g suet
  • 200g diced onions
  • 200g oatmeal
  • 5 liters meat broth

Spices: ground nutmeg, black pepper, red pepper, ground coriander, sea salt

For soaking: 2 liters water, 20g salt, 20ml vinegar

Haggis ingredients

How to Make Traditional Scottish Haggis (Recipe Steps)

Step 1. Thoroughly wash the sheep’s stomach from all sides and soak it for 8 hours. If you can’t soak it under running water, you can periodically change the water.

Step 2. Cube the offal into approximately 5-6mm pieces.

Step 3. Sauté the diced offal and onions together in suet until browned.

Step 4. Simmer the sautéed offal for about an hour. Optionally, you can add sheep’s broth.

Step 5. Add spices such as black pepper and ground nutmeg ten minutes before the mixture is done.

Step 6. Stuff the prepared mixture into the stomach, filling it about 2/3 full. Sew up the stomach’s opening and pierce the walls in a few places with a needle to allow air to escape during cooking.

Step 7. Boil the haggis for three hours in salted water, topping up the water as needed.

Step 8. Once boiled, bake the haggis in the oven for 5 minutes to remove excess moisture and create a crispy exterior.

ready haggis

Leftovers and Pairings

Leftover haggis can be refrigerated for up to three days. For a quick and hearty breakfast, try frying slices of haggis and serving them alongside eggs and toast.

Pair your haggis with a glass of peaty Scotch whisky for a truly authentic experience. The smoky notes of the whisky beautifully complement the richness of the dish. Enjoy this traditional Scottish haggis dish, rich in flavor and history!

Haggis and whiskey pairings

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