Pickled Mushrooms Recipe: Delectable Appertizer

Pickled Mushrooms Recipe Delectable Appertizer
Pickled Mushrooms Recipe Delectable Appertizer

Try this bright appetizer exquisite pickled mushrooms recipe. It brings together the earthiness of mushrooms with the tangy punch of pickling, resulting in a flavor profile that’s nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you’re a seasoned chef looking to expand your repertoire or a cooking enthusiast eager to explore new horizons, this recipe promises to delight your senses.

A Taste of Tradition: Pickled Mushrooms Done Right

For those who appreciate the marriage of tradition and innovation, our pickled mushrooms recipe is a must-try. Bursting with umami goodness, this dish beautifully showcases the natural flavor of mushrooms while infusing them with the vibrant notes of a well-balanced marinade. The combination of succulent mushrooms, aromatic spices, and the tang of vinegar creates a symphony of tastes that will leave you craving more.

Who is This Recipe For?

This recipe is a delightful choice for individuals who appreciate bold and complex flavors. If you’re someone who enjoys experimenting with textures and tastes, this dish offers a wonderful opportunity to explore the world of pickling. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner or a casual get-together with friends, these pickled mushrooms will serve as an excellent appetizer or side dish that sparks conversations and tickles palates.

Kitchen Equipment You’ll Need

To embark on this culinary adventure, make sure you have the following equipment at your disposal:

  • Large pot for boiling water
  • Mixing bowls for preparing the marinade
  • Airtight containers for marinating and storing
  • Refrigerator for the crucial marination process
  • champignons
  • pickled mushrooms marinade


  • 1 kg Mushrooms
  • 1 liter Water for marinade
  • 2 tablespoons Salt
  • 1 tablespoon Sugar
  • 4 Peppercorns
  • 3 Cloves
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • 40 ml 9% Vinegar

For serving:

  • Green onions or sliced onion rings
  • 2 tablespoons Olive oil

Nutrition Facts for 100 g.

Prep Time24 hr.
Cooking Time1 hr.
Calories26 csal.
Protein2 g.
Fat2 g.
Carbohydrates1 g.

How to Make Pickled Mushrooms

Step 1. If the mushrooms are large, cut them in half or quarters.

Step 2. Boil in boiling water for 5 minutes. Drain the water and remove the mushrooms.

Step 3. For the marinade, bring a liter of water to a boil, add salt, sugar, cloves, and peppercorns. Let it cool slightly and then add vinegar.

Step 4. Pour the marinade over the mushrooms. Leave for 12 hours at room temperature without covering the lid.

Step 5. After 12 hours, cover with a lid and place in the refrigerator. This two-step process ensures that the flavors are rich and well-balanced.

Step 6. Serve the desired amount of prepared mushrooms with green onions or sliced onion rings, drizzled with olive oil. Enjoy your meal!

Pickled Mushrooms Recipe Delectable Appertizer

Tips and Shortcuts

Flavor Infusion: Feel free to experiment with the spices in the marinade. Add a sprig of rosemary, a dash of red pepper flakes, or a touch of garlic for an extra layer of flavor complexity.

Leftovers and Pairings

If you find yourself with leftover pickled mushrooms (which is quite rare due to their irresistible nature), don’t fret! These tangy delights can be enjoyed in various ways:

Salads: Add them to a fresh green salad for an extra burst of flavor and texture.

Sandwiches and Wraps: Elevate your sandwiches and wraps by layering in these pickled mushrooms.

Charcuterie Boards: Create a stunning charcuterie board with an assortment of cheeses, cured meats, and, of course, these pickled delights.

As for pairings, consider serving these pickled mushrooms with a crisp white wine or a refreshing gin and tonic. The acidity and earthiness of the mushrooms complement these beverages exceptionally well.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long do these pickled mushrooms stay fresh?

Stored in a sealed container in the refrigerator, these pickled mushrooms can stay fresh for up to 1 week.

2. Can I use different mushroom varieties?

Absolutely! While the recipe recommends button mushrooms (champignons), you can experiment with cremini or shiitakes for unique flavors and textures.

3. Can I adjust the level of sweetness or acidity?

I would not recommend. Keep in mind that the balance of flavors is key to the recipe’s success.

4. Is this recipe suitable for beginners?

Indeed, it is. While the marination process requires patience, the steps themselves are straightforward and perfect for both novice and experienced cooks.

Share the Culinary Love

There you have it—a recipe that marries the robust flavors of mushrooms with the art of pickling. Your dining experience is about to reach new heights with this delightful dish. Share the recipe with your friends and family, and don’t forget to follow our blog for more culinary adventures that promise to elevate your time in the kitchen. Happy pickling and bon appétit!

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