Caesar salad with turkey

Caesar salad with turkey
Caesar salad with turkey


  • Turkey (cooked fillet) — 400 g.
  • Lettuce leaves — 500 g.
  • Cherry tomatoes — 400 g.
  • Parmesan (grated) — 80 g.
  • Olive oil — 60 ml.
  • Bread (for toast) — 400 g.
  • Garlic — 4 pieces
  • Capers — 20 g.
  • Anchovies — 20 g.
  • Mayonnaise — 80 g.
  • Soy sauce — 1 tbs.
  • Chicken egg — 3 pcs.
  • Salt and ground black pepper to taste

How to cook Caesar salad with turkey (recipe instruction)

  1. Instead of turkey you can take chicken. I had a turkey leg, and cooked with it. Baked in foil, And disassembled into pieces.
  2. For croutons I took a toast bread, cut the crusts and dice in cubes of 2-3 cm. I added crushed garlic, salt, and pepper in 60 ml. of olive oil.
  3. I mixed this fragrant oil well with croutons, and put them on a baking dish.
  4.  Bake them until they become golden and crispy at 200°C (392°F)  for about 12 minutes. 
  5. The eggs are boiled for exactly one minute after cooking for anchovy paste. Cool them in cold water, remove the shell and put them in a blender bowl.
  6. Add capers, anchovies, soy sauce, 20 g of Parmesan and 60 ml of olive oil in the same bowl.
  7. Add mayonnaise to the paste.  Stir up the ingredients in the bender. If you do not use mayonnaise it will not spoil the salad, the taste just differs. Remove the anchovy paste from blender bowl in a small gravy boat.
  8. Lettuce leaves are washed, dried and torn into large pieces.
  9. Add tomato halves, croutons, 60 g. of Parmesan, and soy sauce and stir up.
  10. Place the salad on plates, lay the turkey pieces around and sprinkle with the remaining Parmesan. For serving Caesar salad with turkey anchovy paste will be the right condiment of the recipe. 
Caesar salad with turkey calories

Enjoy your meal!

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