“Authentic” pilgrim fudge

Authentic» pilgrim fudge
Authentic» pilgrim fudge

Sweet fudge has a long two centuries of dessert story. Now there are many variants of cooking it. It can be a separate meal or a perfect base for many desserts. For example in Great Britain fudge with lemon taste or salted caramel is vary popular.

Arabic cuisine culture also includes different recipes of this dessert. They discovered sugar before the Europeans and began to study its properties during cooking earlier. In India there is a tradition to give sweets to some gods. God of wisdom, Ganesha, is even depicted with his favorite sweet, fudge. The Indian dessert recipes include rice flour, coconut flakes, and spices.

The history of modern fudge in the United States begins in the 19 th century. The Rome Murdick, who became the “father” of the new dessert, lived in Michigan on Mackinac Island. The main version of the fudge origin is an incident recorded in 1886. The cooker was awkward when cooking a test batch of caramel according to a new recipe. Some mass was fallen on the marble tile. As a result, the sugar did not crystallize, and the new sweet was obtained. The recipe was improved in future to get creamy consistency and a glossy sheen. Subsequently, the cookers began to make the fudge with many new flavors and various toppings.

It is especially interesting how recipes acquire new story, for example, in films. Wednesday Addams on Netflix has many fans. This marvelous series is full of charismatic characters and witty dialogues. But what about cooking? Here is the recipe of “authentic” pilgrim fudge that looks like a nice dessert for coffee or tea and a killer for a goal to lose weight. It is an easy three – ingredient home recipe. You can substitute the dark chocolate with milk or white to have another taste.


  • Dark chocolate — 100 g.
  • Chocolate powder 1 tbs.
  • Condensed milk — 200 g.
Pilgrim fudge calories
Pilgrim fudge calories

How to cook «authentic» pilgrim fudge

Step 1 . Melt chocolate in the microwave or in the steamer busket.


Step 2. Add 1 tablespoon of chocolate powder.

chocolate powder

Step 3. Then pour in condensed milk. Stir the mixture until smooth and dark color.

Condensed milk

Step 4. Pour the mixture into rectangular square or silicone molds. I do not have proper molds, so I use those I have.

Authentic pilgrim fudge paste

Step 6. Please put it in the refrigerator for 12 hours to thicken or better in the freezer for 3 hours. The last variant is more reliable

choclate flower

 Step 5. Remove your pilgrim fudge from the mold.

ready fudge

Then take it out and enjoy the taste!

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