Where to buy chicken hearts?

Chicken hearts

Chicken hearts known as chicken giblets, are commonly used in culinary preparations such as soups, stews, and casseroles. Chicken hearts are a good source of protein, while being low in fat, calories, and sodium. They are also rich in essential nutrients like vitamin A and iron, which are beneficial for overall health and may help protect against certain cancers. It can be included in keto diet. So, where to buy chicken hearts? Chicken hearts can usually be found at well-stocked grocery stores or specialty markets that sell poultry or offal meats. Here are some common places where you may be able to purchase chicken hearts:

  1. Local grocery stores: Many larger grocery stores carry chicken hearts in the meat or poultry section. Look for them near other chicken cuts or offal meats.
  2. Butcher shops: Local butcher shops or meat markets often carry a variety of meats, including chicken hearts. You can ask your butcher if they have chicken hearts available or if they can order them for you.
  3. Farmers markets: Some farmers markets may have vendors selling fresh poultry, including chicken hearts. It’s worth checking with your local farmers market to see if any poultry vendors offer chicken hearts.
  4. Asian or ethnic markets: Asian or ethnic markets may carry chicken hearts as they are commonly used in certain cuisines, such as Chinese or Filipino cuisine. Check your local Asian or ethnic markets for availability.
  5. Online meat suppliers: There are also online meat suppliers that offer a wide range of meats, including chicken hearts. You can search for online retailers that specialize in high-quality meats and order chicken hearts online for delivery.

It’s always a good idea to call ahead or check the availability of chicken hearts at your local grocery store, butcher shop, or farmers market before making a trip to ensure they have them in stock. Additionally, make sure to follow proper food safety practices when handling and cooking chicken hearts, and store them in the refrigerator or freezer as needed.

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