Turkey and corn soup

Turkey and corn soup
Turkey and corn soup

Soup recipes differs greatly. They can be cooked for any taste. These are chicken, beef, pork, lamb soups. This turkey and corn soup can be included in healthy low-fat diet.


  • Turkey thigh — 300 гр.
  • Broth — 1.5 l. 
  • Potato — 100 g.
  • Onion — 100 g.
  • Carrot — 100 g.
  • Green beans — 100 g.
  • Salt — to taste
  • Black ground pepper —  to taste
  • Bay leaf — 1 pc.
Turkey and corn soup calories
Turkey and corn soup calories

How to make turkey and corn soup

Step 1. Prepare turkey broth. It should not be too fat. Place turkey thigh in a saucepan with water. When the first water boiled remove the foam and pour the liquid out. Add fresh water and continue cooking. In this case you will have low fat and clear broth.


Step 3. Remove turkey meat from the liquid. Let it cool down to room temperature and cut meat into small pieces.

Step 3. Cut potato and carrot into dices. Then add into the broth.

Diced carrot

Step 4. In 15 minutes add onion, frozen green beans and canned corn. Also, put salt, pepper and bay leaf at the end of the cooking process.

Turkey and corn soup

Serve turkey and green bean soup hot.

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