Spiced Black Tea with Cardamon

Spiced Black Tea with Cardamon
Spiced Black Tea with Cardamon

Spiced black tea with cardamon, star anise and cinnamon transforms your basic black tea into a delightful spiced infusion. It’s a warm and comforting beverage perfect for cozy evenings.


  • Black Tea — 2 tsp.
  • Water — 900 ml.
  • Star Anise 1 pc.
  • Cardamom seeds — 4 pc.
  • Cinnamon — 1 stick
  • Sugar (to taste)
Spiced Black Tea with Cardamon Ingredients

Kitchen Equipment You Need

  • Teapot
  • Candle
  • Tea warmer
  • Matches
  • Your favourite cup for tea
  • Teaspoon

Nutrition Facts for 100 g.

Prep Time5 min.
Cooking Time10 min.
Calories4 csal.
Protein0.2 g.
Fat0.1 g.
Carbohydrates0.6 g.

How to Make Spiced Black Tea with Cardamon

Step 1. Boil the Water. Bring the 900 ml of water to a boil.

Step 2. Add Tea and Spices. Take a tea-pot.  Place black tea leaves. Add cardamom seeds, cinnamon and the star anise to the tea leaves.

Step 3. Simmer. Take tea warmer and lit a candle. Place the tea pot on the tea warmer.  This allows the spices to infuse into the tea.

Step 4. Sweeten (optional). If you like your tea sweet, you can add sugar to taste during the simmering process. Start with 1-2 teaspoons and adjust according to your preference.

Step 5. Strain and serve.  Strain the spiced tea into your favorite mug to remove the tea leaves and spices.

Step 6. Enjoy. Sip and savor the aromatic and spiced black tea. It’s perfect for a soothing afternoon or evening beverage.

Note: You can adjust the strength of the tea by varying the steeping time. Longer steeping results in a stronger tea, while shorter steeping yields a milder flavor. Feel free to experiment with the amount of sugar and milk to suit your taste preferences.

black tea

Food Paring

You may add milk as an option.  Also, sugar can be substituted my honey. You may also bake waffles, sweet casserole or cake.  In fact, this tea has a bright taste. So, you may drink it as it is. I found out that a cup of it has energetic properties. It can perk up in the morning.

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Snap. Cook. Share

Share your spiced black tea infusion creation with friends and family. Let them savor the warmth and aroma of this comforting beverage. It’s a delightful addition to any tea lover’s evening. Enjoy!

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