Сauliflower casserole in crock pot

Сauliflower casserole in crock pot
Сauliflower casserole in crock pot


  • Cauliflower — 500 g.
  • Eggs — 2 pc.
  • Hard cheese — 200 g.
  • Milk — 100 ml.
  • Garlic — 2 cloves
  • Butter for greasing — 30 g.
  • Salt and pepper – to taste
Сauliflower casserole calories
Сauliflower casserole calories

How to cook cauliflower casserole in crock pot

Step 1. Frozen cauliflower already disassembled into inflorescences is put in a slow cooker on a steamer basket, pour water into a large bowl (about a third of the volume), close the lid and cook, turning on the steam mode for 20 minutes. If you use fresh cauliflower, disassemble it into inflorescences and rinse it under running water. Also, the vegetable can be boiled in a saucepan on fire for about 10 minutes after the water boils.

Chopped cauliflower

Step 2. Meanwhile, we brake two eggs into a bowl. Add milk to the eggs and shake again with a fork.

Step 3. Add salt, pepper and garlic squeezed through a press to the egg-milk mixture. You can also add your favorite spices to taste. Dry herbs will supplement a nice taste and flavour.

Step 4. Meanwhile, the steamed cauliflower has already been cooked. You can also add a little salt to it.

Step 5. Next, grease the bowl of the slow cooker with butter. It can also be covered with parchment paper if you are afraid not to get a whole casserole. Although, usually, they are very easy to remove from the mold.

grated cheese

Step 6. Next, spread our cauliflower and press a little with a potato masher so that the casserole turns out to be more homogeneous and whole.

Step 7. Then pour the entire mixture of eggs and milk on top and shake the bowl a little so that the mixture spreads over the whole surface and fills all the cracks. Sprinkle cheese on top of the whole future casserole.

Step 8. Put the slow cooker (crock pot) on the baking program for 30 minutes.

Step 9. Сauliflower casserole in crock pot is ready. You can serve it both warm and cold. You can add sour cream, your favorite sauce or sprinkle with sesame seeds. If you want you can cook chicken with broccoli casserole.

Сauliflower casserole in crock pot

Enjoy your meal!

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